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MONDAY, September 26, 2022
Riding on its success, JKN Global Media sets itself ambitious growth targets

Riding on its success, JKN Global Media sets itself ambitious growth targets

WEDNESDAY, April 07, 2021
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JKN Global Media (JKN) on Monday revealed its strategy to be the number one content and commerce company, aiming to generate Bt5 billion revenue within three years.

JKN's chief executive officer, Jakkaphong “Anne” Jakrajutatip, said the company was now Asean's leading content manager and distributer via satellite TV, digital TV and online platforms.
She said the achievement was a result of the board's expertise and the company's 'superstar marketing' strategy, which enabled the company to choose content that met the customers' needs.
"Korean, Indian and Filipino series fever has now emerged in Thailand, thanks to our experience in content management and distribution for a long time," she said.
"As JKN is a content company with high growth potential, the company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on November 12 last year to allow more institutional and retail investors to invest in the company's share and witness the company's growth together," she said.
To promote JKN as a content and commerce company in order to maintain sustainable growth, she said the company had launched health and beauty supplements under Olig Fiber brand, such as V-Allin, Hair Now, Instinct and C-TRIA by Anne JKN.
"To achieve quantum leap in sales, we use 'superstar marketing' strategy by hiring celebrities to be presenters of our products," she said.
"In addition, herbal supplement drinks under Cupid brand, such as Dragon X and Tiger X, are expected to be launched within this month."
She added that more than 10 food supplements and drinks with hemp extract are currently under development with DOD Biotech.
"We are seeking more partners to develop products with hemp extract in a bid to meet customers' needs," she added.
She said JKN has acquired DN Broadcast's NEW18 digital TV channel whose name will be changed to JKN18 to expand its customer base and boost the growth of its commerce business in line with the new normal era.
"With quality product innovation, JKN18 channel and superstar marketing strategy, we have confidence that our commerce business will enable the company to achieve quantum leap in sales growth," she added.
JKN's chief financial officer Teeraphat Petporee said the company had invested Bt1.1 billion to acquire DN Broadcast's NEW18 digital TV channel.
"After the acquisition, JKN will use knowledge and experience in content business to enhance news content production in order to boost the channel's rating to become one of the country's top ten channels," he said.
He added that JKN is currently restructuring the organisation to boost sales and gross profit margin in the long term.
"The company aims to generate over Bt5 billion revenue within three years. The company's revenue this year is expected to hit Bt2.5 billion of which Bt2 billion will be from content business and Bt500 million from commerce business," he added.