Sat, November 27, 2021


Rehabilitation loans have reached 21,929 SMEs.

The Bank of Thailand said THB66.898 billion had been disbursed under the latest loan rehabilitation project, as of July 5, with approvals given to 21,929 people who received assistance, with a limit of THB3.1 million per person.

The BOT had opened for financial institutions to seek loan rehabilitation on April 26, consisting of measures to support loan rehabilitation of THB250 billion and the Asset Warehousing project with a budget of THB100 billion.

Loans approved to SMEs amounted to THB31.629 billion, or 47.3 per cent. It said 9,674 people received credit lines accounting for 44.1 per cent, followed by THB27.464 billion to large businesses, accounting for 41.1 per cent, and debtors about 7 per cent.

Published : July 11, 2021

By : The Nation