Tuesday, September 21, 2021


AIA Investment Management (Thailand) received Best New Asset Management Company Thailand 2021

AIA Investment Management (Thailand) received Best New Asset Management Company Thailand 2021 from Global Banking and Finance Review



AIA Investment Management (Thailand) Company Limited (“AIAIMT”) led by Mr. Sukkawat Prasurtying, Chief Executive Officer received the Best New Asset Management Company Thailand 2021 Award in Fund & Asset Management Newcomer Awards category from Global Banking and Finance Review. This award was recognized for the company’s competence on establishing new investment management with leadership and excellence in asset and fund management. AIAIMT is one of investment management arm of the world’s largest life insurer[1], AIA Group, with a long-term investment experiences in 18 markets in Asia Pacific with worldwide networking and global reach by accessing to the finest asset managers globally.

AIA Investment Management (Thailand) Limited (“AIAIMT”) was incorporated in August 2020 to further enhance the management of AIA Group’s insurance assets. The company’s vision is to be a trusted partner for our clients with global investment experiences and prudent risk management practices. AIAIMT is renowned for consistently providing long-term and sustainable return for our clients’ investments to enable them to enjoy Living Healthier, Longer, Better Lives. AIAIMT manages private funds and mutual funds with total asset under management (AUM) of more than THB 800,000 million, ranking as one of the Top-5 in the investment management industry[2] (as of May 2021)


[1] As of 30 June 2020

[2] Total AUM of Mutual Fund, Private Fund, and PVD from AIMC Information as of 31 May 2021


- Past performance of AIA Investment Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or a fund is not necessarily indicative of its future performance.

- Investors must understand fund information, return characteristics, and fund’s risk before making investment decision.

- Investors should study the prospectus before making a decision to invest.

Published : August 06, 2021