Thu, June 30, 2022


Want an electric car? Perhaps you should tap brake on purchase

hai drivers thinking of buying an electric vehicle (EV) might want to delay their purchase, after the Cabinet failed to deliver tax breaks on Tuesday. The year’s first Cabinet meeting left much-anticipated EV tax measures off the menu, putting the brakes on Thailands switch to EVs.

Finance Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith had stoked expectations last week at the final Cabinet meeting of 2021, announcing that customs and excise measures for the EV industry were ready.

But he added that the Cabinet was still waiting for the EV board to present details of packages to promote EV use in Thailand.

The full package of measures is expected to be presented to Cabinet soon.

According to the government’s target, 30 per cent of cars on Thai roads will be EVs by 2025.

Published : January 04, 2022