Sat, May 28, 2022


New 20-baht polymer banknotes to be issued on March 24

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) will issue 20-baht polymer banknotes in order to have new and clean notes in circulation that can last longer.

The central bank chose the 20 baht banknote for the polymer version as this currency denomination is the mostly widely circulated, and hence more affected by wear and tear.

The use of polymer banknotes will reduce the number of new banknotes printed to replace damaged banknotes and they are also more environmentally friendly.

Central banks in many countries have issued polymer banknotes, including the UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

The 20-baht polymer banknote has the same visual and overall appearance as the current 20 baht paper banknote, except that it uses advanced anti-counterfeiting technology. An additional anti-counterfeit feature of the polymer banknote is a transparent compartment. An opalescent red colour has been incorporated for identification. More detail for the visually impaired has been added to the teardrop-shaped transparent top, with a small, embossed “20” number to make it easier to touch.

Polymer banknotes in the denomination of 20 baht will be circulated from March 24. People can get these notes at all branches of commercial banks and specialised financial institutions.

Published : January 20, 2022