Mon, August 08, 2022


Car exports hit 9-month high in December

Exports of finished cars rose 2.51 per cent in December from November, hitting a nine-month high of 101,307 units, the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) said on Monday.

Figures broke through the 100,000 level after a 47.93-per-cent rise in exports from December 20 thanks to increased supply of semiconductors and auto-parts.

Thai auto exports increased to all markets – up 101 per cent to Australia and Oceania, 64.96 per cent to Europe, 54.99 per cent to North America, and 121.87 per cent to Central and South America – driven by the global economic recovery.

Thai auto-parts exports also grew, in response to increasing demand from trading partners.

Finished car exports in 2021 (January-December) rose 30.35 per cent from 2020 to 959,194 units – rising in value 36.56 per cent to 561.15 billion baht.

This year, the FTI is targeting production of 1.8 million cars, an increase of 6.78 per cent from 2021. Of these, 1 million units will be for export and 800,000 units for domestic sale.

Published : January 24, 2022