Thu, August 18, 2022


AIS Serenade launches ‘Beyond Expectation’ privileges programme

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Serenade, the customer loyalty programme of mobile operator Advanced Info Service (AIS), has launched a promotion handing users privileges in every aspect of their modern lifestyles.

Bussaya Satirapipatkul, AIS head of Customer & Service Management, said the programme is forging a new standard of customer care with its “Beyond Expectation” strategy to meet needs in the “new normal”. It has achieved this through collaborations in the dining, travel, shopping, and health sectors.

Along with the development of its smart 5G network to meet the needs of Thai digital lifestyles, AIS Serenade has transitioned from a discount programme to providing tangible "exclusivity" to the customer, Bussaya boasted.

Since lockdown measures were relaxed last year, AIS Serenade members have begun spending more points on travel and transport (up 53 per cent), beverages and desserts (up 78 per cent), and department store shopping (up 136 per cent ), according to a recent survey.

Bussaya said this high-value customer segment is seeking not just discounts, but also a more exclusive experience that cannot be found elsewhere. They anticipate excellent service.

"We are required to understand our customers even more deeply. Our work today is not only about following the latest trends. We need a method of thinking that delivers ‘Beyond Expectation’. We must predict what design privileges customers can really use in the future,” she said.

Responding to the increased use of Serenade points across all categories, particularly drinks and desserts, AIS came up with the “Upsize” concept to meet changing demand.

The campaign includes dining, travel, shopping, and health, as well as ongoing collaborations with every AIS partner to redeem AIS points for a variety of exclusive benefits. These can be cash discounts or free products and services, such as those available through the Point Pay programme.

Also, Thung Ngern (Silver Bag) stores are now being expanded from food and beverage outlets to grocery stores, including those in the Blue Flag scheme, and by the end of the year, customers will have over 850,000 stores to choose from.

"Aside from our basic commitment to customer service, it also helps to restore cash circulation to local economies by increasing spending power in small merchant stores. This also shows why AIS Serenade has consistently ranked first in customer loyalty programmes for the past 18 years," Bussaya said.

With a budget of around 2 billion baht and a focus on customer-centric needs, she is confident that Serenade customers will be more engaged and satisfied, as well as build “brand love” through services and exclusive privileges.

Published : July 01, 2022

By : Nongluck Ajanapanya