Night Edge Pictures promises blood, sweat and thrills with new horror banner


Night Edge Pictures Chief Operating Officer Hans Audric Estialbo to bring blood, sweat and thrills with its new line-up of horror and thriller titles

In its official opening, Night Edge Pictures, led by Chief Operating Officer Hans Audric Estialbo, promised to bring emotionally generous stories back to the cinemas with a slate of horror and thriller films coming out starting August 2002.

“Behind every scream, every flicker of the lamp, every jump scare is an emotionally generous story waiting to be heard, seen and told. Night Edge Pictures is a celebration of just that,” said Hans during the Night Edge Secret Society: Unmasking of Night Edge Pictures event held at Lido Connect on August 4.

While some critics and moviegoers see ghost stories as tired and overdone, Hans believes that Southeast Asian horror remains an oasis of universal yet extremely unique stories that thrill the global market. At the turn of the millennium, Thai and Southeast Asian horror movies, along with the so-called ‘pan-Asian’ co-productions attempted to combat Hollywood dominance through technically polished movies with both local and international appeal, and while it may have taken more than 20 years for Asian genre films to find and establish their niche, many genre film fans hold Asian genre films close to their hearts because of their approach to authenticity and quality. Surely, Hans believes that there is much more to come, particularly from Thailand and its neighboring Southeast Asian countries as investors and producers seek to capitalize on the commercial success of those who have paved the way.

Night Edge Pictures promises blood, sweat and thrills with new horror banner In parallel to producing its own original slate of films and series, Night Edge Pictures will start with what it calls “future cult favorites”, starting with You are not my Mother, Official Selection at Midnight Madness in the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival. Ingeniously marketed in Thailand with a Mother’s Day release date during the August 11 weekend, this directorial debut from Kate Dolan, award-winning Dublin International Film Festival and Gérardmer Film Festival writer-director, seamlessly blends Irish folklore and psychological illness in a deliciously baked cake.

Night Edge Pictures promises blood, sweat and thrills with new horror banner For the rest of 2022, Night Edge Pictures is set to release XYZ Films’ Nocebo starring Eva Green and Mark Strong as well as Official Fantasia Festival Selection Moloch, and Trustnordisk’s multi-awarded thriller Speak No Evil.

“The future looks bright for Night Edge Pictures as our unique positioning in the Thai market would allow us to zone in on one of the best performing genres in Asian cinema, and what is arguably one of Thailand’s key assets in its storytelling arsenal,” continued Hans.

Night Edge Pictures promises blood, sweat and thrills with new horror banner With a combined tenure of almost two decades in advertising, marketing, film, TV, PR and luxury retail, Hans hails from the independent film scene. With two Master’s Degrees from Toulouse School of Management in France and College of Management, Mahidol University in Thailand, and an undeniable passion for storytelling, Hans helms Night Edge Pictures in creating a platform for future storytellers, creative and producers to tell stories that thrill the new generation of audience.

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