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SUNDAY, September 25, 2022
Transcosmos collaborates on Ookbee Mall e-commerce web

Transcosmos collaborates on Ookbee Mall e-commerce web

WEDNESDAY, October 28, 2015
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OOKBEE HAS combined with Transcosmos, a business process outsourcing provider, to set up an e-commerce website at with an investment Bt150 million to offer more than 90,000 products.

“I expect that in the first year we will be able to reach a million members for Ookbee Mall,” Toshiya Matsuo, general manager of Transcosmos and chief executive of Ookbee Mall (Thailand), said yesterday.
Natavudh Pungcha-roenpong, CEO of Ookbee and a director of Ookbee Mall, said the online shopping channel would start with the business-to-customer model.
The catalogue covers various categories such as fashion, Japanese products, e-books and fresh fruit from Japan. It will be expanded to more than 100,000 products in three months. 
The fresh Japanese fruit will be limited to customers living in Bangkok for quality reasons. After clicking on fresh Japanese fruit, customers will receive their order by motorcycle the next day.
Customers will initially purchase products online, but in the first quarter of next year, they will able to order via a mobile application. 
The mall will become an e-marketplace providing business-to-business-to-customer services in the third quarter of next year.
The company expects that within three months, it will reach about 10 per cent of the 3 million active Ookbee members from about 7 million Ookbee users.
“It’s a strategic move for us to try to use physical products to support our existing Ookbee members. We try to propose physical products to support our existing customers who consume digital contents or e-books. 
“Our aim is to become the leading e-commerce site in Thailand by providing unique services to consumers,” Natavudh said. 
Matsuo said the company would introduce innovative marketing solutions to support online shopping lovers. 
To celebrate the launch of Ookbee Mall, customers ordering products from now until November 15 will enjoy a 20-per-cent discount. 
“I think that it’s a good time to invest and enter the e-commerce business in Thailand since the Thai market has high potential for growth and the country has already laid down infrastructure to support the online market.”