JD Central, JD.com forge e-commerce partnership with govt agencies, UTCC background-defaultbackground-default

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MONDAY, May 29, 2023
JD Central, JD.com forge e-commerce partnership with govt agencies, UTCC 

JD Central, JD.com forge e-commerce partnership with govt agencies, UTCC 

MONDAY, December 17, 2018

Yol Phokasub, chairman of the board of Central JD Commerce, on Monday signed three memoranda of understanding between JD Central and JD.com with the International Trade Promotion Department of (ITPD), the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC). 

The strategic partnership between the major e-commerce companies, the public-sector agencies and the UTCC shows support of the Thailand 4.0 policy and the country’s bid to become a major e-commerce hub for Asean in the near future, he said.
The collaboration has come to fruition after the official launch of JD Central in September, and represents a major step towards the company’s pledge to reinforce technological development and economic prosperity in Thailand. 
The MoUs mark a crucial milestone for JD Central, JD.comand the Thai government sector, as well as the university, to forge a longstanding relationship that will help lay the foundation of e-commerce and e-logistics infrastructure, which not only profoundly contribute to the digitalisation of Thailand and accelerate Thai businesses’ capacity in the global market, but also enhance Thai students learning experience to achieve working-level digital literacy in preparation for the digital business world in a sustainable way, Yol said.
He added that the partnership emphasised JD Central’s aspiration to continuously further support the overall economy, together with driving e-commerce growth at a global level. 
“We have been launching the JD Thailand Official Flagship Store on JD.com, which allows Thai exports to sell in China and also offer innovative logistics and supply-chain solutions to the government agencies, which are keys to uplifting the country’s infrastructure. 
“Besides, empowering Thai educational personnel and students with real digital experience to produce skilled resources is also an important foundation for Thailand to fulfill an e-commerce ecosystem, as well,” the chairman explained.
The scope of strategic cooperation between JD Central, JD.com and the ITPD seeks to facilitate and promote cross-border e-trade, while enhancing the competitiveness of Thai small and medium-sized enterprises. 
Such initiatives will help Thai businesses engage in the global market and cross-border e-commerce with China. 
Thai SMEs will be able to access the Chinese market through JD’s platforms and enjoy specialised training on cross-border e-commerce, analytics on consumer insights, digital payments, and logistics, Yol said. 
Meanwhile, synergy between Thaitrade.com and JD.com is encouraged, which will provide considerable business advantages such as matchmaking for sellers and buyers, and the promotion of Thai products toward Chinese consumers on JD.com, he added.