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THURSDAY, December 08, 2022
Panasonic takes part in mangrove plantation, conserving the earth and restoring the balance of natur

Panasonic takes part in mangrove plantation, conserving the earth and restoring the balance of natur

WEDNESDAY, June 19, 2019

Panasonic Group in Thailand, led by Chief Operation Officer Hidekazu Ito, along with 475 participants including the company’s management, staff and their families, recently participated in “Panasonic Mangrove Planting and Biodiversity Learning”

As part of this, they planted 1,500 big and small-leave mangrove trees at the Bangpu Nature Education Centre built in commemoration of the 72 th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the Queen Mother, in 2005 in Samut Prakan province.
This activity is part of "Panasonic Environment Vision 2050" to achieve "A Better Life" and "A Sustainable Global Environment."
Panasonic will work towards creation and more efficient utilization of energy which exceeds the amount of energy used, aiming for a society with clean energy and a more comfortable lifestyle. It can be considered as an extension of Panasonic’s conservation effort and serves as a good opportunity for employees to better appreciate nature, and to preserve, restore, and sustain the balanced ecosystem of mangrove forest.
Sirirat Yongcharoenchai, General Manager of Panasonic Management (Thailand), said, “Panasonic in Thailand had conducted activities destined to preserve the environment annually. Each year we adjust the content of an activity to be aligned with the current environmental issues facing the society and the specific matter where our employees are most interested in.
These are, for example, the preservation and restoration of tropical forest and mangrove forest and the making of artificial saltlicks as well as the collection of beach garbage. This year, we consider that mangrove forests are ecologically valuable to the coastal ecosystem as they provide shelter for various species of plants and animals, protect shorelines, and prevent erosion.
Mangrove forests also provide a barrier against damaging storm and waves at the estuary and help protect the lives and properties of coastal inhabitants from natural disasters. Therefore, this kind of natural resource delivers countless economic and environmental value to the country.”
 She also said, “Panasonic first planted mangrove trees in Bangpu District 11 years ago. This year again is a precious moment for us to take along our employees and their families to participate. Apart from expanding the reforestation area, we monitor the results of what we have done 11 years ago. We are very excited that the trees have grown impressively as the overall mangrove forest area is increasing amidst an abundance of the natural ecosystem.”
 “By planting 1,500 big- and small-leaved mangrove trees, we expect the nature here and in surrounding areas to be restored and expanded in the near future. It will certainly become a well-preserved and futile green area in a sustainable way. In the long run, this mangrove forest will become an important source of energy and food, a natural tool that helps maintain the balance of the coastal ecosystem and a place where carbon dioxide is effectively reduced,” said the general manager.
 Juraporn Khonyai, an employee of Panasonic Group in Thailand who participated in the activity, commented, “I am very delighted that Panasonic is working on a conservation effort like this and happy to see my family taking part in and enjoying the company’s outstanding contribution to the environment.
In addition to sharing a constructive time spending with my family and colleagues, I have a wonderful moment taking along my children to experience the beauty of nature and learn more about the biological diversity in a different way. Most of all, I expect this participation creates greater awareness of the importance of Nature and fosters an eco-friendly attitude in them by starting from their childhood years.”
Panasonic is always committed to creating a better quality of life and a better world. We will continue to contribute and give back to the Thai society in whatever part we can do, especially in preserving and maintaining the valuable nature in a more sustainable way through fostering an eco-friendly attitude in its employees and people.