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TUESDAY, December 06, 2022
BTSG issues Bt8.6bn in green bonds

BTSG issues Bt8.6bn in green bonds

TUESDAY, November 03, 2020

BTS Group Holdings (BTSG) is seeking to raise Bt8.6 billion by offering five sets of green bonds to institutional and large investors until November 5 (Thursday).

The five sets are divided by length of maturity.

The two-year bonds (maximum Bt500 million) carry fixed annual interest of 2.10 per cent and reach maturity in 2022.

The three-year bonds (Bt4 billion) carry 2.44 per cent interest and reach maturity in 2023.

The five-year bonds (Bt1.5 billion) offer 2.86 per cent interest and mature in 2025.

The seven-year bonds (Bt2 billion) offer 3.11 per cent interest and mature in 2027.

The 10-year bonds (Bt600 million) carry 3.41 per cent and mature in 2030.

Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, and Krungthai Bank are underwriting the issue. Tris Rating on September 29 rated the company and its bond credibility at "A" with a "Negative" outlook.

BTSG said funds from the offering would be used for investment and repaying debt from investment in the Pink and Yellow Lines.

"This move is in line with the Climate Bond Initiative's low-carbon transport criteria, as trains on these lines use only electricity," BTS said.