Central Chanthaburi now open!

FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2022

The largest mixed-use project of the East aims to help thrust Thailand’s economy and tourism, spotlighting the local pride under the concept of ‘Charming Chanthaburi’

  • The first and most comprehensive mixed-use project in the province that meets city lifestyles with its semi-outdoor design offering over four rai of green area, a venue for all types of activities for everyone in the family, a pet friendly space and a perfect sports destination.  
  • Pioneer building a new 'Urbanized Landmark' and co-creating with local people to highlight the charms of Chanthaburi in order to help boost the economy and tourism as well as enhancing Chanthaburi in all aspects.
  • Celebrate the grand opening with a spectacular show from 'Yaya Urassaya' singing a special version of 'Kho Chan', with music played by ‘Kasetsart University Wind Symphony’.
  • Packed with promotions and up to 50% discounts from Central Group’s brands and shops such as B2S, Powerbuy, Supersports, Baan & Beyond, Tops and more in addition to get a chance to win the big prize of a TOYOTA COROLLA HYBRID SMART.

Central Chanthaburi now open!

Chanthaburi – Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s leading sustainable real estate developer and operator of Central shopping centers nationwide, celebrates the official opening of ‘Central Chanthaburi’ on May 26. This is the largest and most comprehensive mixed-use project in the eastern region, comprising a shopping center, a convention hall, a condominium and residential project and a hotel. The project utilizes a semi-outdoor design to maximize exposure to its green areas of four rai, where visitors will find a running track, bicycle parking area, exercise area, a social park, a family playground, a pet playground and cafés.

Central Chanthaburi is Central Pattana’s first provincial project designed as a sports destination, with a multi-purpose area of over 4,000 sq.m., located in a prime location in the heart of the city; the project is ready to support economic and tourism expansion. Central Pattana has co-created with local people to promote Chanthaburi's highlights in all aspects, creating jobs and distributing income to the community as well as promoting the quality of life through green space, paying attention to the well-being of the people in addition to high standards of cleanliness and safety.

Central Chanthaburi now open!

Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, President & CEO of Central Pattana plc, said: “Central Pattana operates our business under the vision of ‘Imagining better futures for all’ as a role of ‘place maker’ who creates the places of the future to improve the quality of life, wherever our projects are situated. Central Chanthaburi is Central Pattana's 37th shopping center in Thailand. This project is more than just a real estate project, it is the next step of city development as it will generate growth for the city in all aspects to support the economic expansion and tourism of Chanthaburi province as a fringe city of the EEC, with three key strategies as follows:

1) Pioneer the City: Pioneer opening up the city and co-creating with local people to help push Chanthaburi to shine at the national level and also pave the way to the international level. Central Chanthaburi, the largest mixed-use project in the eastern region is a new 'Urbanized Landmark' and the most advanced Center of Life that meets all lifestyles of Chanthaburi residents. The project design reflects the local essence and the identity of Chanthaburi. Central Chanthaburi is joining hands with local communities and people to promote the charm of Chanthaburi in all aspects to attract tourists and generate more income for the community in the campaign ‘Chan's Heroes’, with six local heroes of local craftsmanship, tourism, food and lifestyles to create more tourism charm. With the aim of helping raise awareness of Chanthaburi, Central Pattana is piloting the ‘Chanthaburi Fruit Festival’ roadshow to promote popularity for the province – its delicious fruits and more – at cross-regional branches of five prime locations in Bangkok to help generate more income for farmers and SMEs in Chanthaburi.

Central Chanthaburi now open!

2) The New Urbanized Landmark: A comprehensive Center of Life that enhances the lifestyles of Chanthaburi residents and helps build local wealth by highlighting local products, pushing forward tourism, and generating additional income for communities. Throughout the Central Chanthaburi area, stories of Chanthaburi are shared in different aspects including tourism, local arts and culture, provincial products and other items.

3) Charming Chanthaburi: Highlighting the charm of Chanthaburi in all aspects under the concept of ‘Charming Chanthaburi’: The Charm as a Center of Life, with the most comprehensive center of living that meets the needs of every activity for everyone in the family with a Kid's Playground and Pet Zone. Central Chanthaburi prioritizes the well-being of Chanthaburi people with abundant green area and a sports destination. Discover the LASERPLEX cinema at Chanthaburi Cineplex, with the most cutting edge innovative audio-visual system. The Charm of Shopping – meet the modern urban lifestyle, with more than 150 popular brands including well-known brands that are opening their shops for the first time in Chanthaburi such as Uniqlo, Jaspal, Lyn, CC OO, CPS: Adidas, Skechers, Converse, Crocs, Havaianas and Beautrium; first restaurant branches such as Bonchon, AKA, Sizzler, Coco Ichibanya, Krispy Kreme. The Charm of Chanthaburi Province – highlights Chanthaburi’s Local Essence with design and decorations that are inspired by Chanthaburi’s Art & Culture, local identity and recommended products. The facade of Central Chanthaburi reflects the design of ‘Chanthaboon Mat’ and there are several highlighted check-in points that reflect local identity such as the ‘Ruan Chanthaboon’ seating area, which overlooks great views of the surrounding river and mountains, 'Chan Viewpoint' is inspired by a treehouse and below the viewpoint, you can find lovely cafés with great drinks; at the upper part of the viewpoint, you can see the Khlong Phakdi Rampai River in a wonderful 360˚ perspective, ‘Lan Chan-In’, a relaxing seating area decorated with provincial trees such as In Chan (Gold Apple) and fruits such calamansi, mangosteen and durian. ‘Charn Chan’ is a co-working space with a chic café and the cute Rabbit Art Features. In addition, there is a center that gathers together popular and recommended items from each district in Chanthaburi; the Ploy Chan Zone gathers together popular gemstone shops in one place, Chan Jao Market is where you can taste local dishes and great fruits with a transportation hub and a tourist hub ideal to drop by and shop for souvenirs. The charm of festivals – Central Chanthaburi will ensure that people in Chanthaburi will enjoy all festivals, starting with the grand opening celebration event on 26 May, and be prepared to enjoy more events and activities that meet all lifestyles covering food, fashion, sports, family, pets, music and art that will be held throughout the year.

Central Chanthaburi now open!

Highlights at the Grand Opening event on May 26 and special promotions

Enjoy a special show entitled ‘Whisper of Charm’ that will bring happiness to Chanthaburi residents, with a combination of ballet and acrobatics inspired by the moon and a spectacular show of a special version of 'Kho Chan' played by ‘Kasetsart University Wind Symphony’ with 'Yaya Urassaya' singing. Other highlighted events include:

• ‘Charming Chanthaburi – Colorful Chanthaboon’ will gather together local wisdom-inspired products and community items such as popular goods from ten districts in Chanthaburi, Chanthaboon reed mats from the Ban Samet Ngam Community, a craft exhibition from KORKOK, rare old-recipe desserts from Nong Bua exotic desserts community, and enjoy a Chanthaboon coffee, cocoa and durian buffet at affordable prices from May 26 to June 8, 2022.

‘CHAN FRUITFUL MARKET’ will bring you Chanthaburi’s popular and delicious fruits with the highlight of happy hour: Monthong durian starts at 55 baht and other fruits start at 1 baht. Enjoy food and desserts made from Chanthaburi fruit in addition to the cool photo spots from May 26 to June 8, 2022.

CHANTHABURI PRESTIGE COLLECTION – first time in Chanthaburi you can experience a motor expo with luxury cars and EV cars at Chanthaburi Hall from May 26 to June 5, 2022.

• CHANTHABURI ART HAPPENING – a cool art project at Chanthaboon Waterfront Community proudly presented by Central Chanthaburi. The art display reflects the charms of Chanthaburi in different aspects and offers a unique experience for both Chanthaburi residents and tourists to show the local essence that the people of Chanthaburi are proud of; with fantastic artwork being displayed in a chilled-out atmosphere at Chanthaboon Waterfront Community from today to June 20, 2022.

Deals and promotions for the opening celebration from May 26 to July 31, 2022 – enjoy up to 50% discounts from shops and brands under Central Group such as B2S, Powerbuy, Supersports, Baan & Beyond, Tops, Chanthaburi Cineplex and more. Get a chance to win a TOYOTA COROLLA HYBRID SMART worth 1,020,000 baht when spending over a specified amount. Spend certain amounts on shopping and get a Chanthaburi tote bag limited edition, movie tickets from Chanthaburi Cineplex, 0% interest installment payments, up to 25% cash back and additional discounts on participating credit cards (subject to the company's terms and conditions – kindly check at the redemption point).

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