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Avalant introduces Digital Maker Platform for Asean’s ‘maker generation’

Jul 26. 2019
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By The Nation

Avalant, a software and digital solutions provider in Thailand, is launching a cloud-based platform – Digital Maker Platform – to help Asean’s “maker generation” reduce costs and time required to develop new business services.

The company is also introducing OneWeb’s AppSpace, which will make it easy for SMEs and start-ups to expand their market by building applications quickly and easily. 

AppSpace boosts business’s ability to automate the process of software configuration and deployment, and reduces cloud-based software management by six times, which in turn makes it easy to develop “maker” ecosystems to promote new innovations in different sectors, such as banking, insurance, industries, healthcare, retail business, government and state enterprises. 

In addition to expanding the existing customer base, AppSpace also targets medium-sized customers, SMEs and start-ups.

“We are confident that OneWeb can address the shortage of technical resources. Developing in-house technical skills takes time and incurs significant cost for organisations. But now, medium-sized enterprises, SMEs and start-ups can leverage OneWeb for their cloud initiative. We expect this new and exciting sector to grow 200 per cent this year,” Akarapol Bunworaset, managing director of Avalant, said. 

A survey conducted by Gartner Inc shows that business trends are heading towards the cloud and “low code”, namely software development that requires less coding. This trend is resulting in the growth of cloud-based services in the form of aPaas (application platform as a service) and iPaaS (integration platform as a service) in line with market demand. By 2021, cloud-based software will grow 59 per cent, while data-centric software will drop 2.6 per cent. 

It is also predicted that by 2024, 65 per cent of applications will be developed on a low-code or no-code platform. 

Today, both the government and business sectors have crossed the digital transformation era and are entering the “make-generation” era, in which every organisation is expected to quickly and efficiently launch innovations. 

In order to compete in a disruptive environment, “makers” in each organisation must acquire the ability to innovate using agile, flexible and complete development platforms. These platforms should also be able to cope with rapid changes and help drive sustainable innovation for organisations. 

“The Digital Maker Platform will play an important role in this exciting digital economy, by giving the ‘maker generation’ a platform to leverage their experience and creativity to develop innovations that eventually become the core engine of our future. Avalant believes this platform will play a key role in supporting business and public sectors to compete in the global market and boosting the local economy,” Akarapol said.

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