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10 gifts for tech fans

Nov 27. 2019
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By The Washington Post · Heather Kelly ·

Everyone loves getting a bit of technology for the holidays, whether it's something futuristic for early adopters or a simple but useful gadget for novices.

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For the minimalist music lover 

Ikea: Symfonisk Table Lamp with WiFi Speaker

This may look like your typical Ikea lamp, but it's actually a Sonos WiFi speaker. You can stream music from services such as Spotify or Pandora, and two lamps can be used together to create stereo sound.

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For the nostalgic gamer

Sega: Genesis Mini

People love nostalgia and cute portable things. This miniature version of the classic gaming system connects to a monitor or TV and has two wired controllers to play old-school games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Ecco the Dolphin.

- - -

For the chatty chef

Google: Nest Hub Max

If your loved one is comfortable with an always-on microphone and face detection, this is the best smart display on the market. It shines in the kitchen, where it can show step-by-step recipes or let a baker make a call with messy hands.

- - -

For the fitness buff

Beats: Powerbeats Pro

There is no shortage of wireless in-ear headphones, but anyone who likes to jump or dance or head-bang will need something that holds on for dear life. These headphones combine decent audio quality with a smart over-the-ear design.

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For the binge-watcher

Disney: Disney Plus Streaming Service

There's a wave of streaming services launching this year, but Disney Plus is the best subscription to give any Star Wars, Marvel or Simpsons fan. It costs less than Netflix and includes features such as unlimited downloading for those extra-long flights. 

- - -

For the chic charger

Courant: Catch:3

At first glance the Catch:3 is an attractive catchall tray. But it can do something far fancier than hold your change: The Italian leather tray also charges any device that's compatible with Qi wireless charging.

- - -

For the photographer who loves prints

HP: Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

This gadget takes the images on your phone and prints them out. It may seem old-school in the era of Instagram, but there's something deeply satisfying about holding pictures of family members, pets or perfect sunrises in your hand.

- - -

For the audiophile on the go

Bose: Portable Home Speaker

This high-end Bluetooth speaker runs on batteries and can connect to Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant. It's also water-resistant and lightweight (2.34 pounds), so it is ready to take any pool party to the next level.

- - -

For the non-tech-savvy relative

Quarto: Password book

It's not secure enough for everyone and should be stored in a safe place, but this notebook is a sound option for people who struggle with using password managers or reuse the same password for everything because they can't remember new ones .

- - -

For the phone addict

Light: Light Phone II

To curb technology overuse, you could activate screen-time settings or move to the woods. Or you could try this petite device, designed to do the basics and little else. You can make calls or send texts, but you can't check Instagram or email.


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