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“KUDOS Super Sensing” returns to Thailand at Bangkok Design Week 2020

Feb 28. 2020
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By The Nation

It can be said that the scientific technology and industrial systems that currently support our lives have advanced largely due to the processes of mass-producing diverse materials, something that utilises large volumes of energy generated by transforming the earth’s resources.

It is also certainly true, however, that this has also caused various environmental and social problems. Today, the demand for reassessment of and improvements in regard to our inefficient use of resources and energy is increasing day by day, and it is necessary to propose new designs and technological theories that offer a specific directionality for these issues.

Following the success of “KUDOS Super Sensing” last year, KUDOS, a leading high quality sanitary ware and digital door lock provider - in collaboration with Super Sensing Forum, Asahi Kasei, and Creative Economy Agency (CEA) - introduced the newest discovery of Regenerative Technology under the theme of “KUDOS Super Sensing Returns” at Bangkok Design Week 2020. Brought directly from Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as Asia premiere, the advanced sensing design and technology can generate endless micro electricity anytime, anywhere and from any source.

The event featured an international panel of keynote speakers, including Satoshi Nakagawa, Tucker Viemeister, Forrest Megger, Eric Schuldenfrei, Marisa Yiu and Andre Feliciano. The concept of “Regenerating Good Making Our Planet a Better Place” is that of industrial design and systems for the purpose of “regeneration.” It serves as an opportunity for the re-examination of both those systems that continue solely to consume precious energy and those environmental problems that result from the proliferation of plastics in our everyday lives, as well as for discussion and investigation that might lead to the discovery of new technologies and design proposals.

Satoshi Nakagawa, the founder of Super Sensing Forum

“Regenerating Good Project - E!ROOM” that we showcased this time is the Super Regenerator technology, debuted in Asia for the first time after CES 2020. Furthered from the Micro Energy generated from bacteria theory, it is able to generate electricity from anything and anywhere even from living things” said Satoshi Nakagawa, the founder of Super Sensing Forum. He adds that “This technology can help provide light in an emergency time, in natural disaster situation or at a far way place; moreover, it can help in developing environmentally friendly design and reduce natural resources consumption in the future”

It showcased samples of energy generated from our surrounding stuff, for example electricity from food, from water or from soil and bells ringing from spindle motor powered by energy obtained from any sources with the help of a step-up DC-DC converter boots up 1μW of power to 4-8 volts.

“This converter provides a long term, multipoint and low-cost electricity for electronic devices and sensing network; thus, accelerating large-scale IoT (Internet of Things) implementations. Moreover, hard working and continually research bring about the Sensorless Sensor, a new theory that power generation from any sources is an indication of power and by itself a sensor”

 Santi Srivicharnkul, Chief Executive Officer of CIT Corporation Limited and KUDOS brand“Sensing technology is one of the emerging trends that allows us to come up with new products and services that never exist before. With Nakagawa-sensei’s latest discovery in Super Regenerator, the potential of IoT will even become greater. Innovators can become more creative to see if what else sensors could improve personal lives, agricultural productivity and national security because there is no limitation for power generation. Hopefully, Thai entrepreneurs were be able to find a winning product that combines both design and technology to make people’s lives and the world better” said Santi Srivicharnkul, Chief Executive Officer of CIT Corporation Limited and KUDOS brand.

Super Sensing technology is not just only a magic tool that impacts a whole industrial design but also a game changer for any business opportunities. All the world’s advanced sensors and technologies, and the act of acquiring data as defined as “Sensing,” will certainly allow a new generation of designers and product managers to design better products and services in the IoT space.

As we embark on a journey of rethinking about business and society, we may look at this technology as a big step forward for the future and thank Satoshi Nakagawa for his greatest discovery, Santi said.

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