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Three apps to help keep you healthy

Mar 26. 2020
“Covid19 DDC Moph
“Covid19 DDC Moph" website showing Covid-19 patients in all provinces
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By The Nation

The “AOT Airports” application tracks people while they spend 14 days at home in self-quarantine, tipping off medical authorities if they’re staying put (a green, “normal” status), wandering out more than 200 metres (orange) or are infected or not following recommended guidelines (red).

Photo credit: Ministry of Public HealthDeputy Health Minister Satit Pitutecha showed off the app to reporters on Thursday (March 26).

He said anyone can get the app. It will record their travels and, if they become infected, it will help officials alert district officials to take care of them, people in close contact and people in the area suspected of having contagion.

Satit said there’s also the “Covid19 DDC Moph” app and the website

Also running in English, they report confirmed cases categorised by province with brief details on each case.

He also recommended the Sabaideebot chatbot on Line, where people talk about the virus in Thai and can register their health records. Should they become infected, that information is passed on to their district health office.

Sabaideebot too has updated information on the daily Covid-19 situation.

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