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Two new devices from Samsung are the perfect companions for frontline workers

Apr 27. 2020
Galaxy Tab Active Pro
Galaxy Tab Active Pro
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By Paisal Chuenprasaeng
Special to The Nation

Designed for frontline office workers from various businesses who operate out in the field, the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro and Galaxy Tab Active Pro are devices that do away with the need to carry several gadgets.

The smartphone and tablet computer are rugged and durable and have fast performance, allowing frontline workers to get their tasks done while ensuring company data is also protected thanks to the excellent security features.

Galaxy Tab Active Pro

The XCover Pro is designed as an all-in-one solution for remote working. It is slim enough to be used as an everyday smartphone yet comes with all the features needed for performing remote working tasks.

Although XCover Pro is a rugged phone, it is only 9.94mm thick and weighs just 218 grammes so it be carried around comfortably whether for everyday use or frontline operations.

As a rugged phone, the XCover Pro conforms to the IP68 dust-proof and water-resistant rating and it is also anti-shock, withstanding a 1.5-metre drop and holding MIL-STD-810G certified durability by the US military standard. That means the phone can be used in tough and various environments. For example, you can use it even when the touch screen is wet. The touch screen is also responsive when you wear gloves.

And you can rest assured that the data is well protected by Samsung Knox, a defense-grade security platform.

Samsung has joined with its business partners to make the XCover Pro ready for use in several types of businesses. For example, it can be used as a mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) device and it comes with Samsung TEEgris and NFC(EMV1) solutions to support tap-to-pay capability. Samsung TEEgris is a system-wide security feature that allows the phone to run applications in trusted execution environment based on TrustZone. The EMV Level 1 is a global digital payment standard.

Apart from the mobile payment function, the phone can also be used as a mobile scanner for inventory checking of retail businesses or shipment tracking in the logistics industry. It also supports Push-To-Talk platforms so that field workers in the public sector can communicate with their team leaders without incurring huge call costs. Companies that buy XCover Pro for their frontline workers must first buy a Push-To-Talk app and service, such as Microsoft Teams, from their selected solution provider. The XCover Pro can also be used as device for taking orders and mPOS in restaurants.

The phone can even be used by healthcare workers as it is built to withstand repeated drops, exposure to liquids and frequent exposure to healthcare-grade disinfectants.

During the test, I found the XCover Pro had good performance. It is powered by Samsung Exynos 9611 octa-core processor running at 2.3 GHz and 1.7 GHz and it has 4 gigabytes of working memory or RAM  and 64GB of internal storage.

The phone come with a replaceable large battery with 4,050 mAh capacity that supports fast charging. Each charge is rated to last about 14 hours, making it well suited to field work. It also has a Pogo pin for convenient Pogo charging with third-party Pogo Pin chargers, which can charge several devices at once.

The phone has a large display of 6.3-inch that is bright and easy to read outdoors.

The smartphone also has two programmable buttons to start frequently used apps, such as Push-To-Talk.

The phone has two nano SIM slots. You must take off the back cover and remove the battery to access the slots.

I tested the phone on TrueMove H’s LTE network. The phone downloaded and installed apps very fast. I used Ookla Speedtest app to measure the connection speed and the phone achieved a download speed of 54.5 Mbps and upload speed of 28.7 Mbps.

Like the XCover Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro is a rugged tablet designed for frontline and field workers.

The tablet is anti-shock with a protective cover and it conforms to IP68 dust-proof and water resistance rating as well as meeting the MIL-STD-810G standard of the US military. Like its rugged smartphone sibling, the Tab Active Pro can work in various environments. Its display supports wet and glove touches.

The tablet is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor running at 2 GHz and 1.7 GHz. It has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage so it packs enough power to handle business applications. It can perform PC-like tasks with Samsung DeX technology, allowing you to connect it to an external monitor.

It has 10.1-inch TFT display with 1920x1200 pixel resolution and the display supports the Samsung S Pen stylus for accurate writing and drawing.

The tablet also has a programmable active key for activating most-used functions.

The tablet is suitable for various industries. It is mPOS ready and its cameras support AR (augmented reality) applications. Other applications include NFC ID checking at the office door, mounting it on a truck to use it for telematics functions and the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics for navigation and transportation.

For example, in the retail business, the tablet can be used for in-store customer consultation or for providing sales support. The Tab Active Pro can also be used as a mobile tool to enhance job training. And in transportation, the tablet can process digital documents without the need for paper and the S Pen can be used to provide a digital signature.

It’s also suitable in the healthcare field whether for a medical checkup process or for updating patient records during doctor visits to in-patients.

The Tab Active Pro comes with 7,600 mAh battery that like the battery of its smartphone sibling, is removable. The battery is rated to last up to 15 hours after full charge.

You need to remove the back cover and the battery before you can install a nano SIM card.

I tested the connection speed of the Tab Active Pro on TrueMove H’s LTE network and found it has fast data connection speeds. Applications and files were quickly loaded and the Ookla Speedtest app recorded a download speed of 55.2 Mbps and upload speed of 40.5 Mbps.

Since Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro and Galaxy Tab Active Pro are for business use, they are not available in stores but have to be ordered directly from the Samsung Business Team at 02-118-1000 or by email at [email protected] Prices vary according to the size of the order.


Key specs:


Galaxy XCover Pro

Network: LTE Cat.11

OS: Android 10.0

Chipset: Exynos 9611 octa-core 2.3GHz, 1.76GHz processor

Memory: 4GB RAM

Storage: 64GB internal expandable with microSD up to 512GB

Display: 6.3-inch TFT with 2,340x1,080 pixels

Cameras: Rear: 25 MP/ 8MP (Ultra-Wide), Front: 13MP

Dimensions: 159.9 x 76.7 x 9.94 mm

Weight: 218g


Galaxy Tab Active Pro

Network: LTE Cat.11

OS: Android 9

Chipset: Qualcomm SDM670 Dual 2.0GHz + Hexa 1.7GHz

Memory: 4GB RAM

Storage: 64GB expandable with microSD up to 512GB

Display: 10.1-inch WUXGA (1920 x 1200)

Cameras: 13.0MP AF + 8.0MP, Flash

Dimensions: 9.3 x 243.5 x 170.2mm

Weight: 653g

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