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CM University making 3D-printed face-mask ‘enhancers’

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Chiang Mai University is manufacturing 3D-printed face-mask “enhancers” for medical staff to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection.



The university’s Biomedical Engineering Institute (BMEi) has announced that it has designed a face-mask enhancer, a specialised apparatus that can help snap a sanitary face mask to a wearer’s face and reduce the open space through which viruses and germs can enter.
“The BMEi face-mask enhancer will help increase safety for medical staff, who have to be in close contact with infected patients for long hours,” said the institute. “It is made of plastic from 3D printing and will come in three sizes – S, M and L – to suit the wearer’s face structure.”
In the early stage the institute will manufacture the enhancers in limited numbers for medical staff at selected hospitals before letting private manufacturers produce them in high volume for the general public.
“At present we still have not perfected the mass production technique and therefore have to make it one by one from the printer, resulting in slow manufacturing and high cost,” said the BMEi.
The institute had previously designed a reusable face shield for health workers and the public with the aim to reduce waste, which it predicted would lead to a serious environmental impact after the Covid-19 situation returns to normal.
For more information on the product, you can visit: http://bmei.cmu.ac.th/read.php?id=119

Published : April 27, 2020