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New smart grid to ensure uninterrupted power supply in Pattaya

Apr 28. 2020
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By The Nation

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) has launched a “smart grid” pilot project in the eastern resort town of Pattaya, PEA governor Sompong Preeprem said. 

The new smart grid will improve the distribution of electricity, cut down instances of power blackouts and help consumers cut down on utility costs, he said. 

The agency is installing an advanced metring infrastructure (AMI), which will cover 120,000 households in the Pattaya City area, he said. The AMI system will also provide information to households so they can manage their consumption to suit their needs and accordingly save costs. 

Along with the smart grid, PEA is also installing a smart substation, which will ensure fast and secure power distribution, which will cut down on blackouts. For instance, if a car collides with an electricity pole and power is cut off, then other stations will step in and power supply will continue uninterrupted. 

PEA is also exploring the option of getting a private-sector partner in order to expand the smart grid project, he said.


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