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Japan government to support development of post-5G tech

Jun 29. 2020
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By The Japan News-Yomiuri 

The government has decided to provide financial support for domestic manufacturers to develop technologies for the post-fifth-generation mobile communication network standard.

The aim is to better compete with China, which is ahead regarding the current 5G large capacity, ultrahigh-speed standard, and prevent information leaks and other dangers by developing key technologies in Japan to reduce security threats.

Of the 110 billion yen fund set up in the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization in the supplementary budget for fiscal 2019, about ¥67 billion will be earmarked for it.

5G and later standards are expected to be used in a wide range of fields, including autonomous driving, factory automation and telemedicine.

Launched in Japan this spring, 5G is 100 times as fast as 4G, making the ultra-high speed mobile communication a key component in the so-called Internet of Things.

The government plans to support the development of key technologies, such as communications infrastructure and fiber-optic networks. To provide support, it will let domestic technology companies that excel in these fields compete among one another, and will judge in about 18 months the technologies and competitiveness of those companies. The government plans to continue supporting only those that are outstanding.

According to government sources, Fujitsu Ltd. and NEC Corp. are expected to participate in mobile telecommunication infrastructure, while Fujitsu, NEC and NTT Electronics Corp. are seen participating in fiber-optic networks.

The 5G-related market is expected to expand significantly in the future, and the global market for infrastructure alone was estimated in one survey to exceed 4 trillion yen. Huawei Technologies Co. and other Chinese companies accounted for more than 40% in the global market for mobile infrastructure up to 4G in 2018. Japan, in contrast, is remarkably behind - Fujitsu and NEC each accounted for less than 1%.

From the viewpoint of national security, it is urgent to establish a reliable information and communications system.

The United States has already demanded that Huawei Technologies products be removed because of high security risks, such as leaks of confidential information and cyber-attacks. If Japan's allies are victimized by cyber-attacks with the large capacity, ultra-high speed 5G, "it would cause huge damage and jeopardize a country's governing ability," a government official said.

The government plans to promote technological development in cooperation with the United States and other countries.

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