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Thammasat student creates app that can help speed up probe into shooting cases

Jul 08. 2020
Dr Charturong Tantibundhit
Dr Charturong Tantibundhit
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By The Nation

A student from Thammasat School of Engineering (TSE) has come up with an innovative application that can speed up forensic analysis of cartridge casings in shooting incidents, providing an accurate analysis in 62 seconds compared to the month-long process currently used.

Asst Prof Dr Charturong Tantibundhit revealed that his student had researched and developed the innovation "Check the bullet with AI". He said it was the world's first application that could inspect the bullet at the actual location of the gun and display accurate analysis in 62 seconds using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The investigation process currently takes about 30 days, involving instruments and experts.

The application introduces the use of AI to help in data processing and analysis, Charturong said.

In the inspection procedure, the cartridge case is taken from the incident then put into tools with motors that are controlled by a hardware system, and a smartphone is used to take pictures of the de the bullet for the AI before opening the tool. The motor of the tool will operate at 360 degrees rotation to capture panoramic images within 62 seconds. The system then analyses and displays the results about the shots that were fired and the brand of gun used.

The research tested samples of 898 ammunition from guns of eight brands. The research received cooperation from the PhD Faculty of Science of Chulalongkorn University, National Police, and the Institute of Forensic Science. Accuracy of results were as high as 91-98 per cent depending on the gun brand, Charturong said.

However, the app "Check bullet with AI" is still being trialled, which must be used in parallel with the analysis of the original results to achieve the highest accuracy.

Thailand has a relatively high gun crime rate, averaging 30,000 to 40,000 cases per year.

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