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Something fishy going on at Seacon

Sep 19. 2018
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Seacon Bangkae turns the spotlight on fish this month by holding the “Stunned in Shoals of Fish at the Fisherman Village” fair and recreating fish markets and fishing villages from three countries.

The event includes an exhibition of rare sea fish as well as delicious fish dishes and seafood to tempt any appetite. 

The mall’s Rossaporn Khiewwan says the fair is designed to appeal to anyone who loves fish and seafood. To ensure maximum pleasure, it’s divided into three main zones. 

Tsukiji fish market: This recreates one of the world’s most famous and biggest fish markets and will particularly appeal to those who enjoy Japanese-style fish dishes. Among the delicacies are salmon sashimi, other raw fish sashimi, saba steak and salmon steak. 

Fishing Village, Fisherman’s Cove: This is a Western fishing village and a popular tourism destination in Nova Scotia, Canada. In this zone, many fish and other seafood dishes are on offer, among them dory barbecue, lobster spicy salad and fresh seafood.

The Thai fishing village will serve original Thai-style fish dishes and processed seafood for customers to eat and purchase.

Don’t miss the special salmon carving demonstration and shop for products at special prices between 5.30 and 6.30pm with an additional session held Friday to Sunday from 12.30 to 1.30pm.

Meanwhile, visitors can admire the tanks of cartoon fish, Blue Tang, butterfly fish, emperor angelfish, yellow boxfish, yellow coris wrasse, Mandarin fish, angelfish, unicorn fish (Naso), powder brown fish, Asian glassfish, lionfish, razorfish, parrotfish, and dascyllus. 

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