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What the future will bring

Feb 12. 2019
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Fortune-telling and astrology, ancient fields of study based on planetary positions, time of birth, and energy derived from nature, have long been part of Thai culture, and believers can indulge this week as the Siri Wattana Cheshire Foundation under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen, brings the “Siri Wattana Fortune-Telling for the Disabled” to Siam Paragon.

Pooling the knowledge of more than 47 experts and prognosticators, this special event is running at the Lifestyle Hall on the second floor from Friday (February 15) through February 24. 

Outstanding astrologist Khata Chinabanchon offered a brief look at luck, career path, wealth, and love in the year ahead. 

“This year, the stars’ alignment will shift from Cancer to Gemini at 02.50 on February 22. The change will affect two adjacent signs, where the recipients of auspicious fortune include Capricorn, and Cancer, which Rahu (misfortune) has drifted away from. People with these two signs can expect to be blessed in their career path; those who’ve encountered adversity will find their misfortune reversed. However, they are advised to be mindful of their health especially concerning muscles, bones, and any plans for travelling by water. Signs with potentially promising luck for those working as government officials, police officers and in the military include Pisces and Leo,” he says.

“People with Gemini and Sagittarius signs should be aware of network of people around them, as well as the need for emotional control. They may experience irrational disagreement, and excessive infatuation. Advised course of remedial actions include contributing to coffin donation, liberating cows and cattle, and praying for Rahu reversal. Those born on A Tuesday or Friday are advised to pray to the Reclining Buddha according to the episode of teaching the Asurin Rahu attitude if temples occupied by Rahu cannot be approached.”

“Those born under Scorpio and Taurus are bound to be fortunate in love and relationships. As Rahu moves away, they have the possibility to find love, perhaps in the form of a soul mate.

“People born under Gemini and Aries are likely to be favoured with wealth, where the financial status looks promising. Gemini people may capitalise from taking risks, although doing so in moderation is recommended. Aries, on the other hand, may find their source of wealth from direct means including their active careers or enterprises.”

The event features sessions led by Thananthorn Boonjakrawan, an experienced astrologist in the field described as “10-stratum astrology”, an ancient Thai study that came into existence before Buddha was born. Determining one’s fortune is derived from 10 digits from the date of the birth, in place of 10 stars, to bond with the zodiac sign and accurately predict future circumstances. Each patron will receive a fortune index card to determine one’s fate, which can be used eternally. 

Rattanamanee Laong is a specialist in Gemstone astrology, which can determine one’s fortune related to career path, health, luck, and love. Each gemstone is associated with different signs. In order to mesh this with Thai culture, she blends a study called “Cheiro Numerology” to enhance the fortune-telling. 

The event also features various fortune-tellers with different specialities including Kamol Saengwong, Chonkanok Ditjulka, Chart Wangso, Jutamas Na Songkhla, Master Kwo Soong Kim, Jane Incense Horoscope, Pisit Jirayanichpaisan, Suppachai Anutee, Sorakrit Sahathanakritnont, Moddam Laleela, Ake Treemahajak, Han Majong, and more.

Admission is Bt400 for a day pass. Book now by calling (02) 251-6458.


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