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Jan 14. 2019
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Parrish Jones, an upscale tailor near BTS Phrom Phong station, takes bespoke tailoring to a new level with a fully stocked complimentary bar, a barber, dry-cleaning and the latest technology in measuring gents for their suits – a 3D Body Scanner that can record thousands of measurements accurately.

 “With our scanning technology, we hope to modernise the process of making tailored clothes. We still want to provide people with traditional attentive service, but also realise that Bangkok has a transient population, especially among expats. Soon, when our online shop is up and running, you’ll be able to log-in, pull up your avatar — your body image — from wherever you are. You will be able to scroll through our fabrics, styles, and design and virtually try on your own suit, shirt or pair of slacks. Once you’re scanned, and are in our system, you will always be in our system. You can order from anywhere, and we’ll ship it to your doorstep,” says Andrea Parrish, who opened the shop last August together with another industry veteran, Jouni Heinonen.

Parrish Jones is the first to use 3D technology for bespoke clothing in Thailand. It is also one of the first to extract data to create better fitting garments. “Technology gives us an advantage as we can see many details other tailors can’t. Our scanner takes a thousand measurements in a few seconds, and allows us to see a bow in the back, sloped shoulder, or see if one leg is longer than the other. This allows us to make better fitting garments,” Parrish explains.

There’s no need for any hasty decisions when visiting the shop either. Having a relaxing drink while sitting on an opulent leather sofa is part of Parrish Jones’s appeal, where the customer is encouraged to take their time.

Getting to know his customer is where Parrish Jones aims to make a difference, employing plenty of capable staff to ask the right kind of questions. “We ask the client where they live, and where they are going to wear their clothes. Are they travelling a lot? If so, they don’t want to buy an expensive wool suit because it will wrinkle,” Heinonen explains.

Parrish Jones offers barber services, Bespoke clothing, and a full line of accessories in one location.

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