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Luxury brew Tea Forte meets traditional matcha in the new Ceremonial Matcha Bowl Set and Matcha Single Steeps



Spring harvested, shade grown and stone ground, organic matcha tea is best served in a centuries-old Japanese tea ceremony called chanoyu, a preparation technique known for its centring meditative qualities.
    "The launch of Tea Forte's Matcha collection represents our continued commitment to wellness and cultivating all the potential mental and physical health benefits of tea," says Tea Forte CEO Michael Gebrael. "In addition to our high quality pure Matcha, we've also blended four distinct matcha varieties. Prepackaged for single servings, our Single Steeps Matcha is ideal for the office, travel or to keep with you for a boost anytime."
    The tea comes with a handcrafted ceremonial tea bowl, handmade bamboo whisk and measuring ladle to encourage enjoyment of the gluten-free and vegan matcha blends.
    These include Pure Matcha, Chocolate Matcha, Coconut Matcha, Ginger Matcha and Chai Matcha and they’re available now in selected stores and online at 


Published : January 05, 2018

By : The Nation