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Only 20% of reserves will be called for training, says Weerachai

The Armed Forces Reserve Act will only be used to prepare for military service and only 20 per cent of the reserve unit will be summoned for annual training, Lt Gen Weerachai Intusophon, commander of Territorial Defence Command, said on Thursday.

Marking National Army Reserves Day, Weerachai said that people do not have to worry about the Act as only a few of the reserve unit will be summoned for 10 days training and compensation will be paid.
Weerachai said that the Act aims to produce a reserve unit for the country by drafting from military training students and decommissioned conscripts and some of them will be summoned to receive short-period training.
“I would like to stress that only 20 per cent of the reserve unit will be called for training. The training period is short, one day for orientation and nine days for military training. Moreover, all officers will receive the payment and travel cost for joining the training,” he said.
He added that the military cannot summon a large number of people because of budget problems and the people selected for training will be chosen based on their career.

Published : May 04, 2017

By : Jittaporn Senawong The Nation