Sunday, September 19, 2021


No more double lottery tickets after September 1

The Government Lottery Office (GLO) will introduce a new ticket system on September 1 aimed at curbing tampering and fraud.



The current double ticket system, in which two tickets are sold for Bt40 each, will be replaced with a single Bt80 ticket bearing more safety features, such as a more distinct watermark and a barcode for easier authentication, GLO director Maj Gen Chalongrat Nakathit said on Wednesday.
Chalongrat announced the change while summarising the lottery office’s achievements over the past two years. 
These included increased earnings, totalling Bt10.4 billion last year, and the cancellation of ticket quota contracts for 2,614 people found to have breached regulations.
Reaction on social media to the single-ticket plan was supportive. Commentators noted it will save paper without affecting ticket price or prize money, and at the same time help prevent fraud.

Published : May 25, 2017

By : The Nation