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Seminar to dissect public’s fascination with violent-crime news

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Chulalongkorn University (CU) academics will brainstorm in a seminar on Wednesday Thai society’s keen interest in drama and violent-crime news and the media's high competition in presenting such news.



The "Killing: A New Value?" seminar is designed to allow academics to address the issue and warn people to be careful when consuming such content while warning the media - both mainstream and online - about the negative impact of the content, according to Assist Prof Dr Pirongrong Ramasoota, CU vice president for Social Outreach and Global Engagement. 
She said although the public’s keen interest in such content and the media's high competition to feed that appetite is understandable given the dead-end end conditions of the country’s politics and economy, there is a need to address the trend.
The seminar, held between 1.30pm and 4pm at the Chamchuri 4 Building, follows the latest news-sensation case of the murder and dismemberment of a pretty karaoke bar singer in Khon Kaen province by a group of her former colleges, led by Priyanuch Nonwangchai.
Speakers are the seminar will include psychology expert Dr Sompoch Eiumsupasit, civil media expert Ua-jit Wirojtrairat, criminal code expert Pareena Srivanich, mass communication expert Munyat Akarachantachote and psychiatrist Puchong Laurujisawat.

Published : June 06, 2017

By : The Nation