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 Thai man arrested for allegedly smuggling meth from Laos

Police, Mekong-patrol Navy officers and troops jointly arrested a Thai man who was allegedly attempting to smuggle methamphetamine pills from Laos to deliver to customers in Nakhon Phanom province.

Pitsit Ketsimma, 37, a local resident, was arrested on Thursday evening when he came to the Mekong River bank in Ban Lao Suan Kluay village in Tambon Nong Thao of Uthane district.
Acting on tip-off, a joint security team staked out the area. Pisit was spotted allegedly picking up a bag and walking back to the village.
When he saw the authorities, he allegedly dropped the bag and fled but was captured. The authorities found 2,068 meth pills in the bag.

Published : June 09, 2017

By : The Nation