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Danish tourist rescued after getting lost in Rayong mountains

A Danish woman was rescued early Thursday after she got lost while visiting a popular waterfall in Rayong's Khao Chamao district on Wednesday evening.

A team of 50 rescuers from the Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park, tourist police and Khao Chamao police found Eva Susanne Gylling, 51, sitting in the forest at 12.30am on Thursday. She was sitting with her back against a tree about 1,500 metres from the marked park trail.
She had suffered minor injuries to her ankle and cried with joy when seeing officials.
Her boyfriend, Zahir Shah Ewasusan, 40, was with Gylling walking on the trail when the woman disappeared. Ewasusan then sought help from authorities at 6pm and a search team was organised immediately.
Gylling said she strayed off the trail and could not find a way back. When she hurt her ankle, she sat down and called out for her boyfriend several times but no one answered.
Rojanai Phasukthanakarn, assistant chief of the park, said the officials felt relieved when they located Gylling, adding that tourists should strictly observe the safety advice of officials while visiting the park.


Published : November 02, 2017

By : The Nation