Thursday, September 23, 2021


Car falls into hole caused by floodwaters in Songkhla

Floodwaters damaged part of a four-lane road in Songkhla's Thepha district, leading to a car plunging into a hole in the pavement.



The driver was not injured in the accident on the southern-bound Highway No 43 in Tambon Sakom at 4am.
The two remaining lanes of the northern-bound road were divided to accommodate southern-bound traffic pending road repairs.
Songkhla Governor Doladej Patanarat has ordered Sonkhla's second highway district to fix the road.
The driver, who was unidentified, said he saw a big hole ahead and tried to stop his car but was unable to do so in time.
The car was damaged but the driver was uninjured as he was able to slow down before impact.

Published : November 30, 2017

By : The Nation