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Three to face court over Chuwong share transfer

ATTORNEY-GENERAL Khemchai Chutiwongse has ordered that a former deputy commerce minister and two female associates be prosecuted on charges of faking documents to claim shares belonging to a businessman.

The alleged forgery involves more than Bt300million worth of shares belonging to construction tycoon Chuwong Saetang, who was found dead in a car driven by former Cabinet member, Pol Lt-Colonel Banyin Tangpakorn, in 2015. 
Banyin, who initially claimed that Chuwong died in a car accident, is now a key murder suspect in an ongoing inquiry into the death. The share transfers took place before his death.
For now, Banyin, will have to go to court to face document forgery charges along with the two people into whose names Chuwong’s shares were transferred: Kantana Siwathanapon and former stockbroker Uracha Wachirakulton. 

Three to face court over Chuwong share transfer

File photo: Uracha Wachirakulton (R)

Chuwong’s elder sister, Wanpen Tanathamsiri, said yesterday that her family had been fighting for justice for two and a half years. “Damage has been done and, as we are the damaged parties, we should be compensated and the wrongdoers should face the legal consequences of their actions,” she said. 
Although Wanpen said she was satisfied with Khemchai’s decision to an extent, her family still believed that the three suspects should also face charges of theft and acceptance of ill-gotten gains. 
Some police share Wanpen’s opinion but, so far, Khemchai has had the final say in the matter. Public prosecutors have told police to bring Banyin, Uracha and Kantana to court over the charges of faking and using the documents to take Chuwong’s shares. The shares have been deposited in two securities firms, one of which was Uracha’s former employer. 

Published : January 09, 2018