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THURSDAY, February 02, 2023
Temperatures to fall, heavy rain in many parts of Thailand

Temperatures to fall, heavy rain in many parts of Thailand

MONDAY, January 29, 2018

The Meteorological Department on Monday reaffirmed its warning that heavy rain would hit many parts of the country, followed by a sharp drop in temperatures.

In its tenth urgent warning of unpredictable weather, issued at 5 am on Monday, the department attributed the changing conditions to a strong high pressure ride from China that is covering upper Vietnam and is expected to move down to cover Thailand’s Northeast later in the day.
The department said people should expect thunderstorms and showers throughout the week, accompanied by strong winds and a drop in temperature by 6-8 Celsius.
The unseasonal weather will first occur in the Northeast, followed by the North, the East and Central areas, the statement said, adding that Bangkok and surrounding areas would also experience heavy rainfall and falling temperatures.
A strong northeast monsoon is spreading across the Gulf and this will also lead to heavy rain and isolated torrential downpours in the South, the department said.