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Parents tell football coach not to blame himself

The parents of 12 young footballers trapped inside the Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai told the assistant football coach who was trapped with the boys not to blame himself.

In their reply to the handwritten letter of Ekkapol Chanthawong, or Coach Ake, they said they appreciated him for taking care of their kids.
In his letter sent via divers, the coach had issued an apology to the parents.
“All the parents would like to ask Coach Ake to take care of the kids. You don't have to blame yourself. We would like you to feel relieved. We parents are not mad at you. We all understand you and we would like to extend you our moral support. We would like to thank you for taking care of the kids. You must exit with them just as you entered the cave with them. Bring the kids safely home,” a parent, who identified herself as Aunt In, wrote.
A father, whose son’s nick name is Note, told his son to tell the coach not to feel sad. “Tell Coach Ake not to worry. Your Mum is not angry at him,” the father wrote in a letter sent back to his son in the cave via divers.
The mother of “Titan” said in her letter: “Brother Ake, you must be strong. We love and have concern for you. We are waiting for you in front of the cave. Bring the kids out.”
The coach’s aunt also sent a letter to the coach saying: “I am waiting for you in front of the cave. Please take good care of yourself. Nobody blames you. I and grandma and other relatives are waiting for you in front of the cave. … We miss you and a lot of people give you moral support.”
The parent of “Pong” also thanked the coach for taking care of the youths. “Coach, you don’t have to worry. We parents must instead thank you for taking care of our children."
The parent of Adul told the coach that all the parents were thankful to him for guiding the kids in how to survive.
In their reply to the children sent back via divers, the parents expressed their love for the children and said they were waiting for them in front of the cave.
For example, the mother of Titan says: “Titan, Mum is waiting for you in front of the cave. Mum loves you and misses you a lot. You must be patient and fight on. You must be strong. Mum is waiting here. You must do it. Mum believes you can do it. Mum gives you moral support. Love you much.”
Titan’s father also wrote in the same piece of paper as: “Dad misses you much. Love you much. Kiss”.

Published : July 07, 2018

By : The Nation