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THURSDAY, December 08, 2022
Chinese tourist injured in Pattaya bar brawl

Chinese tourist injured in Pattaya bar brawl

THURSDAY, November 29, 2018

A Chinese tourist was injured when he and his friends fought with security staff who tried to make him apologise to a bar girl in Pattaya early on Thursday.

Police had stopped the brawl at the Taboo Club on Pattaya Walking Street in South Pattaya at 2am.
The Chinese tourists, bar security and the bar manager were taken to Pattaya police station after the brawl. Both sides were fined for causing a public disturbance and the bar manager was charged with selling alcoholic drinks outside permitted hours and violating the bar closing time.
The injured tourist was identified as Yang Zhan, 25. He had a cut on his right eyebrow and his clothes were torn.
He said a bar girl tried to sit with him to ask for money for her drinks but he refused and eventually shouted at her to leave.
When Yang and friends were leaving the bar, the bar girl and security staff confronted them to demand an apology. The fight started when they refused.