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Suspected insurgent shot dead in Yala

A Delta team of Yala's Border Patrol Police Command on Saturday shot dead one of two suspected insurgents who allegedly ambushed and killed a kamnan in Yala on Friday.

Abah Disa-ae, 30, was found dead in a ditch at a villager's vegetable garden in Moo 8 village in Tambon Sa-ae of Yala's Krong Penang district following a shootout with the Delta team on Saturday morning.
A 9mm pistol was found beside him.
Police said the six-member Delta team encountered the two suspects when they were on the Tanoh Puteh-Tanoh Puteh Nai road in Tambon Tanoh Puteh.
The suspects were confronted about 3 kilometres from the spot where Abdullateh Yanya, 49, chief of Tambon Tanoh Puteh, was gunned down while riding his motorcycle after praying at a local mosque.
Police said the other suspect fled with his AK49 assault rifle. Police found blood traces in the direction he fled and continued to pursue him.
Police said Abah was once summoned for interrogation on suspicion that he took part in an attack against a joint police-troop checkpoint in Krong Penang on April 30, last year. But he was released due to lack of evidences.

Published : December 01, 2018

By : The Nation