Thu, January 20, 2022


Speedboat restrictions hinted after fifth death of rare Trang Dugong

The autopsy of a heavily-pregnant Dugong – whose decomposed carcass was found on November 26 in the sea off Trang’s Koh Libong – found injuries that indicated it died after being run over by a speedboat while feeding on sea-grass.

The crash impact caused the 262-centimetre-long, 250 kilogram Dugong’s spine to dislodge, break its right-side ribs and cause bleeding of its lung, resulting in its instant death, along with that of its 9.5kg foetus, according to a source at the Phuket Marine Biological Centre familiar with the autopsy results.
As this was the fifth Dugong death in the Trang Sea this year, Koh Libong wildlife sanctuary head Chaipreuk Weerawong and Hat Chao Mai National Park head Narong Khong-ied, will call a meeting of related officials, community leaders and villagers, along with boat operators.
The meeting will discuss solutions, including asking for cooperation to prohibit speedboats from travelling through seagrass areas in order to protect these rare marine mammals.

Published : December 03, 2018

By : Khanitta Sitong The Nation