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Moto-taximan off the pavements and into court

A Bangkok motorcycle-taxi driver was due in court on Monday after reportedly confessing to pulling a knife on a municipal law-enforcement officer who stopped him riding on a pedestrian footpath. Thousands of people have already seen the video evidence on social media – a November 30 confrontation at the mouth of Soi Lad Phrao 79.

The motorcyclist, Sakan Mankhong, was recorded rudely scolding and flashing a box cutter at a Thesakij official after getting a warning about riding on the pavements.

He claimed he thought the official was menacing him with a weapon so he acted in self-defence.

Sakan was to appear in Northern Bangkok District Court charged with assault, obstructing and insulting an on-duty official, carrying a weapon in public, riding on a footpath, abuse of a vehicle and driving without a licence.

Later in the morning, the public prosecutors asked for time to review the charges for indictment as some of them – such as insulting police and weapon-carrying – were criminal offences, which meant that prosecutors must instead await the police’s application at a criminal court for the suspect’s first detention period.

Police in the Chokchai area are warning motorcycle taxis and their bosses that they’re being earnest in cracking down on bikes using pavements. The fine can be as much as Bt1,000.

Published : December 03, 2018

By : The Nation