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SEAC plans to invest Bt600m to help drive Thailand forward

SEAC, a leading executive, leadership and innovation education center, plans to invest more than Bt600 million in marketing strategies that focus on the use of data for the development of services, the company said in a press release on Friday.

The company also said it is focusing on “4Line Learning” which is considered to be the most effective learning approach with the launch of its first model “YourNextU”. 
The company believes it can increase its customer base by 300 per cent by year-end and the business growth of over 100 per cent.
Arinya Talerngsri, Chief Capability Officer & Managing Director of SEAC (South East Asia Center), Asean's first and only lifelong learning centre, said: “With our determination to develop and elevate modern organisations in order to catch up with the changes in the new millennium through our programmes and thinking process related to Leadership and Innovation, we have received positive feedbacks from both public and private leading organisations in the country which also include banking and finance, real estate, FMCG, energy and healthcare businesses, to name only a few.
“Altogether there are 30,000 people taking up the programmes with 40 service offerings. Currently, SEAC has a major business plan to bring us to the next level by becoming Asean’s first and only lifelong learning centre under the belief that every human being has a potential to develop and learn at any stage in their life. This is an important step for SEAC to infuse people with a lifelong learning mindset and curiosity to discover boundless possibilities and build lifelong learning ecosystem and culture for Thailand and Asean.
“With 27 years of experience, we are aware that many people do not fully understand and are not able to distinguish between the context of learning and studying, making it difficult for them to access true learning methods that could help them reach their potential. Some are entangled in their own traps to the point that they believe they do not require further learning and development. Therefore, it is the responsibility of SEAC to create a turning point by offering a new “learning” alternative and to go full speed towards building public awareness and setting a strong foundation to change people’s mindset. 
“We are to change people’s attitude that once associated life success only with high academic degrees and turn such a thought into a New Learning Mindset under the Lifelong Learning Concept wherein learning continues at all stages in their life. The world is changing rapidly, so people should never stop learning new things or acquiring new skills. 
“Our programmes are to expand to more people, whether they’re in the work force looking to developing new skills to advance their careers, fresh graduates discovering their own selves to build their own future, or even operators of small- and medium-sized businesses looking for stability.”
Arinya added: “With our experiences in learning and human development, SEAC has created a highly effective learning approach called “4Line Learning” in order to meet the requirements of each individual while at the same time, to stimulate their desire to learn and apply what they learned to their life and work amidst aggressive changes. 
“The learning approach comprises of four major components. First is ‘online learning’ which focuses on learning through video clips and visuals. Second is ‘Inline learning’ where learners are encouraged to participate in classes and courses, arranged at a suitable duration - mostly short - of no longer than half a day. Third is ‘Beeline learning’, underlining experience and data exchange with experts, speakers, prominent business operators, thought leaders as well as through special activities that best suit each learning topic, and fourth, ‘Frontline learning’ where learners are allowed a full access to downloadable materials and data.
“In this initial step, SEAC is collaborating with the world’s leading institutes in setting up a learning curriculum entitled “YourNextU” which comprises over 100 Online Learning courses, 40 Inline Learning programmes, 40 Beeline Learning activities and Frontline data archive allowing unlimited downloads. The programmes include, but not limit to, Design Thinking: Empathising to Discover Opportunities, Creative Connection: 7 Creative Problem-Solving Strategies, New Me New Land: Overcoming Change Resistance, The Outward Mindset: Seeing Beyond Yourself, Strategic Thinking: Business Modeling, Step In Leader: Problem Solving & Decision-Making or HR Academy. 
“Also, there are courses that have been set up to catch up with the world such as Business Management 4.0, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud computing and Web Service, to name only a few. All these are expected to be officially implemented by February 2019.”
In terms of investment, SEAC has invested in over Bt600 million covering the development of a learning platform which incorporates the “4Line Learning” approach that will be consecutively updated over the course of 3-5 years, the search for world-class partners for the development of the courses and curriculum to fulfil all aspects of learning for all age groups, translations of contents into Thai and selected Asean languages as well as the construction of the lifelong learning centre. 
The company said its marketing strategies embody Personalised Marketing, paying attention to data and the development of Learner Persona so that courses created perfectly meet the demand of learners and at the same time are able to catch up with the fast moving world. “At the beginning, we will target towards the organisational level both in Thailand and Asean and will also spread out our message to create perception and awareness to draw attention from those who are interested and have the passion for learning and development to join SEAC in the future. We are certain that SEAC will generate 90,000 clients and a business growth of over 100 per cent by 2020,” the company said.

Published : December 14, 2018

By : The Nation