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Stolen motorcycle ‘comes back’ to owner in Songkhla

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The owner of a stolen motorcycle got his machine back three days later after a man ran out of petrol just in front of him in Songkhla’s Muang district on Tuesday, police said.

Stolen motorcycle ‘comes back’ to owner in Songkhla

The owner of the motorcycle, identified only as Ken, and his friends briefly assaulted and captured the motorcyclist, identified only as Piak, 35, before handing over him to police.
But Piak was later released without charges after he claimed that he had borrowed the motorcycle from a friend.
Police said they would later summon Piak’s friend for questioning.
Ken said his motorcycle was stolen from in front of his house in Songkhla’s Singha Nakhon district. He said he has been searching for it without success.
But he went to visit a friend in tambon Pawong in Songkhla’s Muang district and while he and several friends breakfasted there, Piak stopped in front of the house as the petrol ran out.
When Ken and friends came out to check whether Piak needed any help, Ken recognised his bike and captured the man.

Published : December 18, 2018

By : The Nation