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Too much speed! Lampang drug smugglers crash cargo of 4 million meth pills

A high-speed chase on Lampang roads ended with screeching tyres and the crunch of metal on Tuesday when drug-runners crashed their pickup before abandoning the vehicle and escaping on foot. They left behind a huge cargo of several million methamphetamine pills.

The drama began with an afternoon traffic stop at a checkpoint on the Lampang-Ngao-Phayao road manned by Ngao district chief Praderm Dechayonpanya and his men along with troops from a local Army base. As a pickup approached the checkpoint, officers stepped forward to flag it down, only to see it speed past them. They chased the fleeing vehicle along the highway before it turned off on to a village road, skidded out of control and collided with a pickup owned by a local.
After crashing, the driver and his accomplices fled on foot into the forest.
A search of the smashed-up pickup uncovered 18 bags that police say contained about 4 million methamphetamine pills.

Published : December 19, 2018

By : The Nation