Thu, January 20, 2022


Democratic Party announce six key policies for election

The Democratic Party has announced six economic policies to support low income groups in the run-up to general election next year.

Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Friday the policies are aimed at relieving the burden of the low income group.
First, the party will support local communities to have joint ownership of land. If elected, the party will accelerate the issuing of title deeds for land holders to replace other types of document which are inferior. Those who have Sor Por Kor , a government land transferred to agricultural purpose to needy farmers, could be transferred as inheritances and could be used as loan collateral.
Second, the party will establish a community-water fund to help farmers to access water resource all year round.
Third, the party also pledges to guarantee minimum income for farmers: rice farmers will get Bt10,000 per tonne of rice, rubber farmers to get Bt60 per kilogramme of rubber sheet and palm oil farmers to receive Bt10 per kilogramme of palm oil. Insurance covering cost of farm production would be supported.
Fourth, the party will guarantee annual minimum income at Bt120,000 for labour.
Fifth, the partly promises senior citizens that they will get a cash handout worth Bt1,000 a month.
Sixth, those who have annual income less than Bt100,000 will get a cash transfer worth Bt800 a month.
Abhisit, did not reveal how his party would finance the projects, saying that the party would inform voters later. The means to mobilize funds would lead to narrowing the widening income gap, he added.

Published : December 21, 2018

By : The Nation