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Chiang Mai soldier caught in 'gun road rage'

Footage from a dash cam shows a soldier with a gun advancing on a family of three, apparently threatening to shoot them in Chiang Mai on Monday. 

Chiang Mai soldier caught in 'gun road rage'

The incident was related to a preceding road-rage incident in the province’s Mae Rim district.
The footage shows the wife of a man trying to prevent her husband from continuing to argue as the soldier brandishes a gun.
The incident luckily ended without anyone being shot, and the soldier is expected to soon be taken into custody, police said.
Amnat, 54, from Nonthaburi said he was with his wife and 19-year-old son, who was driving their Mazda on a trip to Mae Hong Son in order for the family to make merit.
His son had slowed to stop off and buy some lottery tickets, which apparently enraged another driver who then tried to cut them off in his sedan. 
Both parties wound down their windows and the son yelled “arai” (what?), which further exacerbated the situation, Amnat said.
The other driver called for them to stop, which they did, and then threatened to use his gun to kill the whole family, according to Amnat. 
They then drove off, with the wife calling 191 amid fears that the soldier would hunt them down.
Mae Rim police confirmed that the man with the gun was a soldier connected to one of the Army camps in the North. 
A summons has been issued after the family accused him of attempted murder.

Published : December 31, 2018

By : The Thaiger