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Police deny general involved in accident talks

Police on Friday denied that a military general was involved in recent settlement negotiations between a 55-year-old pedestrian and a young motorcyclist who knocked him down on a footpath in Bangkok.

The incident took place in Pomprap Sattrupai district on February 1 and was captured in a video clip that was published by a Facebook user with the screen name "Prasert Sae-eung".
The clip appeared to show pedestrian Sasawasu Chamchong, who had scolded the motorcyclist riding on footpath, being knocked down by the motorcyclist who made a U-turn to assault him in retaliation.
Nang Lerng police officers had summoned both parties to give testimony after the clip went viral on Thai social media. The incident drew criticism over the young man's recklessness by riding a motorcycle on a footpath and assaulting Sasawasu, who then sustained a hip injury in the crash. 
Some Thai news media then claimed that a military general, taking the side of the unnamed young motorist, took part in settlement negotiations that offered Bt5,000 compensation to Sasawasu to drop the complaint, but Sasawasu turned down the offer.
Nang Lerng superintendent Pol Colonel Kampanart Arunkhiriroj on Friday dismissed the news reports of the military general's involvement. He said that the case investigation showed him there was no third party involved in the settlement.
He said the accused person's side had already paid Bt5,000 to the damaged person's side. 
Kampanart said this case was not complicate and police was there to ensure justice to both sides. 
He said police were now waiting for the damaged person's medical examination results to include in the case file that would be handed over to the public prosecutor to indict the accused motorist for two charges. 
The charges involved riding on a footpath without a sound reason and with disregard to others' safety and the charge of assault resulting in the damaged person's injuries.

Published : February 15, 2019

By : Kornkamon Aksorndech The Nation