Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Thais tell Prayut to abandon fashion

Thais have given a big thumbs down to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha's latest attempts to appear fashionable.



The prime minister and NCPO (National Council for Peace and Order) head tried to project a new image but respondents to a "super poll" have told him not to bother. 
Some 74.6 per cent of respondents said he should go back to his suits. 
A quarter of respondents thought if he was going for a new look, it needed a rethink. 
Of 1,450 respondents of working age, 56 per cent said they supported the current government or had in the past. 
On whether Prayut should be in politics at all, some 66 per cent said he should abandon politics but remain head of the NCPO. 
Only 34 per cent thought politics was the right choice for him.

Source: Thaivisa.com

Published : March 14, 2019

By : Thai Visa