Thu, December 09, 2021


Marketing in Thailand 4.0 era

Oracle, a marketing and customer experience company, has hosted an event on agile marketing. The discussion was led by Wendy Hogan, Oracle’s marketing director, who spoke about her marketing communications experience in the Thailand 4.0 era.

The catalyst for change is big and real-time data which has given marketers the ability to quickly draw insights for online and offline campaigns, she said.
With more information available, marketers are now able to use it for agile marketing, which is a tactical approach where teams focus their efforts on high value projects, complete those projects collaboratively, measure their results and then continuously improve the outcomes over time, Hogan said. 
In the past, the industry relied upon demographic focus groups and online surveys. By the time the reports are submitted for review to the decision makers, the data can be out of date and irrelevant for the next campaign. This trend is rapidly changing the way marketers work, especially in lifestyle and business apps, retail and e-commerce, Hogan said.

Published : March 14, 2019

By : The Nation