Sat, December 04, 2021


Rangsima shines through Democrat gloom

Despite the Democrat Party’s massive setbacks in its traditional strongholds of Bangkok and the South, Rangsima Rodrassami will be returning to Parliament, representing the Central province of Samut Songkram. 

Rangsima, a nurse by profession, is a veteran MP known for her colourful and witty debating style in the House.
Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva tendered his resignation on Sunday night after an unofficial vote tally indicated his party had won 42 only House seats, far fewer than it did in the 2011 election.
Rangsima’s victory was not unexpected after four consecutive wins in the province. 
She garnered 26,718 votes, easily side-lining Sukanda Panasutha, the candidate for the pro-junta Phalang Pracharat Party, who received 21,868 votes.
Samut Songkram had a higher voter turnout than the national average, with 76.36 per cent of its 156,976 eligible voters casting ballots.

Published : March 25, 2019

By : The Nation