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Thai Worker injured in Israel during weekend fighting

A 39-year-old Thai worker was injured in Israel during fierce fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza on Sunday.

The worker, identified as Chaiya Mahakote of Udon Thani province, was wounded at his hip by stray shrapnel. He was rushed to hospital in Tel Aviv and was now under recovery, but continues to experience some pain at the site of his wound.
Chaiya’s plight came to light after a Facebook page of Thais working in Israel reported the incident. The page posted photos of Chaiya lying and bleeding on a floor. A photo showed a friend trying to stop the bleeding at his hip.
During the weekend, it was reported that Israeli aircraft and tanks had conducted more than 350 strikes in the strip, while militants from Hamas and the separate Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired close to 700 rockets and mortars. Both sides entered a ceasefire on Monday, suspending some of the deadliest fighting since a war in 2014.
The Thai Embassy in Tel Aviv assigned its consul, who brought along senior monks of Sangha Thanmara temple in Buengkarn province to visit Chaiya in hospital. The monks were visiting the country as part of an embassy project.
Chaiya, who was working in an orange field in Ohad in the south of Israel when the incident happened, told the visitors he was now in a better condition and had received good medical treatment.
Meanwhile Chak Samutklin, a labour official, revealed that Chaiya went to work in Israel under the Thailand Cooperation on Placement of Workers project of the Labour Ministry’s Employment Department.
Chak yesterday went to visit Chaiya’s mother, Bualoi, 68 to inform her about labour rights and compensation her son will receive from a ministry fund as he was working legally in Israel. 
Bualoi said she learnt about her son’s injuries after her daughter showed her photos from Facebook. At first she was afraid to look at the photos and kept asking how serious his wounds were.

“I’m quite relieved that my son is now recovering and has his employers and friends to take care of him,” she said.
Chaiya had worked overseas in Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Israel, she said.
The Thai Embassy in Israel and the Labour Office have prepared evacuation plans for Thais in case of an emergency in the volatile region.
Another Thai worker, Payab Kongchuay, who went to work in Israel under the same project, died of heart failure. The Labour Ministry will take care of the process of brining home his body, as well as compensation for his family.

Published : May 07, 2019

By : The Nation