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Tak community opts to use dolls instead of live cats in drought-hit district’s rain-making ritual

Farmers in Tak’s drought-hit Phop Phra district on Monday used cat dolls in a parade ritual for rain-making, respecting the country’s animal-rights law by not using live felines for the very first time, said village headman Sangad Winnai.

A group of 50 farmers in Ruam Thai Pattana 8 village performed the parade, featuring two children each holding a cat doll and sitting on a decorated truck as it circled around the village.
Resident Usanee Nakkhum, 54, said she had allowed her grandchildren aged seven and eight to partake in the parade by holding the cat dolls, so as to keep up with the community’s belief that such a ritual brings wet weather. 
When the parade passed someone’s house, the residents would splash water on the cat dolls.

Published : May 20, 2019

By : Somjit Rungjamrasrassamee The Nation